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About Us

St Martin's Info Sheet


Our Mission & Vision

St. Martin’s Youth & Community Centre exists to,
help and educate girls and boys through their leisure time activities so to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society, and that their conditions of life may be improved.’

SMYCC exists for the needs and aspirations of children and young people across our local community and regional community. Through participation, empowerment, fun, education and equality of opportunity, we aim to encourage personal development and informed life choices.

In particular we aim to:
  • Building and maintaining long-term relationships with young people
  • Provide programs which address the physical, mental and emotional needs of young people

  • Offer a broad range of leisure, recreational and creative activities

  • Ensure that staff and volunteers have the appropriate training and support

  • Meaningful involvement young people in planning and decision-making

  • Foster schemes which help young people to bridge barriers to harmony and to understand their role and involvement in a local, national and international community. 
  • Combat discrimination in services to young people and develop schemes and strategies to address the specific needs of particular groups facing disadvantage
  • Celebrate ethnic and cultural diversity

    For more information about any of the activities we run at the centre or if you would like to get involved and support the work of the Centre or make a donation, then please do give us a bell on 0121 622 2005.