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16 Oct 2012

A Statement from the Management Committee

At the most recent management committee meeting it was agreed that a public statement needs to be issued detailing what we entend to do concerning the work of the centre.

We are all committed to ensuring that high quality children's and youth work will continue to be offrered through the centre. That has always been the main purpose of our work and this remains unchanged.

However we do have to face tough financial realities at this time. In order for our vision to be realised we have to take certain steps to help us achieve our objectives. The following actions have been put in place:

1. The centre will remain open as a resource to the community and especially to any groups or organisation who wish to rent space to their activities.

2. We hope to provide a number of sessions for youth work for at least the next three months.

3. We are actively exploring working in partnership with other organisations and centres.

4. Bids for funding will continue to be make.

What we need most, is for all concerned to let people know that we are not closed! In addition we welcome support and active involvement from community and all interested parties, to ensure that the centre continues to develop and flourish.

We con not only survive but thrive.

St Martin's Youth and Community Centre Managment Committee

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