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14 Oct 2010

AGM Meeting at SMYCC: Review

The Annual General Meeting at St. Martins Youth Centre was held on the 28th September 2010, open to members of the public as well as young people and staff of the centre. The evening was also attended by the Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Michael Wilkes and his wife.

It was well attended, with many local people attending to demonstrate an interest in events at the centre as well as addressing issues with funding which is currently a cause for concern.

The young people that attend the centre provided presentations about the work that they have been doing, as well as providing the first full screening of 'Struggle' a short film produced at the centre. There was also a question/ answer session and the chance to have a tour around the centre with a young person as a guide. The excellence of the open session was well received; a buffet was provided and all attendees had the chance to network and discuss ways of fund raising for the centre.

It is hoped that such sessions will continue, strengthening the presence of the centre in the community and the value that it holds to the young people.