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19 Aug 2010

St. Martins' at Great Britain & Hungary basketball, 17th August 2010.

In full continuation of the sports' theme for August, staff and young people at St. Martins' Youth Centre visited the NIA, Birmingham to attend a basketball match.

On Tuesday 17th August, we took a visit to watch Great Britain beat Hungary (Mens' Basketball) in a 66-64 win with a critical final 2 minutes. All young people that attended thoroughly enjoyed watching the live game from excellent seats at the front of the stand.

Not only did we watch the match, but two of the young people in the group - Greg and David were given the chance to compete in a street dance-off for the prize of a holiday to Butlins Resort. This was an excellent chance to demonstrate their dancing ability, cheered on by their peers.

Overall we had an enjoyable evening at the basketball which proved to be a fun time for all involved. For full details of the match, click here.

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