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24 Jul 2010

Summer of Fun

Arts & Crafts Workshops
Don’t sit at home this summer being bored.

Come down to St. Martin’s and take part in one of the many activities available for young people aged 10 to 19. St. Martin’s is a great place to meet friends, learn lots of new things and try something new.

T-Shirt Making Workshop

This summer we will be running Photo Story Workshops; Arts & Crafts Workshops; Music Workshops; Dance Workshops, T-Shirt & Bag Making Workshops and Music-Video Workshops, plus we will be running lots of games and activities at the centre and in Highgate Park.

Music & Video Workshops

Each activity only cost 50p, and some are even free so get your diary out and book your self some fun.

For more information contact Dean on 0121 622 2005 or email

SMYCC Summer Programme 2010

22 Jul 2010

Star in Your Own Story

This summer you might just create the greatest ever story and be in it. 
Click the picture below for more information.