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22 Sep 2009

Friday’s will never be the same again!

Friday Night Live After our fabulous Summer of Fun, here at St. Martin’s, Friday Night Live (FNL) kicks off our autumn term with a bumper programme of activities. FNL is the place to let off some steam after a hard week at school or college. Best of all its only 50p.

FNL is  a youth club that takes place on a Friday evening (did you spot that) where you can meet your friends, play sports (such as football, basketball, boxing and rounder's), cook, participate in arts & crafts activities, create some proper tunes in our very own studio, play video & board games, debate the latest issues and much much more.

Over the next few months we will be introducing some new events including MC Battle Contest, Film Nights (pop corn included) and Highgate Got Talent contest.

Friday Night Live is for young people aged 11 (year 7) to 18 and takes place every Friday from 7pm till 9pm. For more information contact Dean Morgan on 622 2005.

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