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30 May 2008

Da Tuesday Drop-in

Tuesday is now the most important day of the week. Tuesday Drop-in is our brand new session designed with you in mind.

Every Tuesday evening the resources of St Martin's will be available to you to support you in completing any positive activity.

So if you want help doing a CV, filling out an application form, finding college course or training centre. then we are the place to be.

If you are looking for a place you can study in peace or maybe you want to get some help cracking that tricky algebra equation or maybe there's a group of you that need some place to study, then look no further.

Or maybe you just want to chat with a youth worker about an issue that's important to you, then Tuesday evenings are for you.

Best of all we don't charge entry on Tuesday's - yes you read correctly Tuesdays are free.

Tuesday Drop-In runs every Tuesday 6pm till 8pm

So pop along and start enjoying Tuesdays again.